Can You Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back?

While in a relationship you may end up experiencing certain -problems that lead to arguments and periods of silence. However, there are times when one of the people involved in the relationship does something that is extremely serious and this may lead to a breakup. Instead of having to put up with the break up despite the pain you are experiencing there are certain things you can do to get back with your boyfriend.

Assess the situation

Before you decide on getting back with your boyfriend it is prudent to take some time and think about the cause of the breakup. Some issues are minor but because of the heat of the moment or the anger that accompanies disappointment you may end up blowing things out of proportion. Ask yourself if the person that did the wrong had bad intentions when doing it. Consider if the wrong can be forgiven. If you are the reason for the break up think about why you did what you did and try coming up with solutions that may ensure that you get back to dating your partner.

Find strength

After a break up you may find that living alone feels lonely and boring. However, you need to find a way to stay strong despite the feeling that you may be going through. Let your partner know that you still love them but do not necessarily need them in your life to succeed. It is worth pointing out that being clingy often pushes men further away instead of winning them back. Give him time to think about the situation. Avoid sending frequent texts or calling because that will only upset the situation.

Communicate with your ex

If your boyfriend reaches out to you respond in a positive manner instead of shunning any advances he makes. Most men value respect and the fact that you are picking his calls or replying to his texts will show him that you still value him regardless of the circumstances that the two of you are experiencing. While in communication let him know that you are willing to work things out if he wants to. Do this without sounding desperate because that will push him away.

Meet up

Do not be afraid of meeting with your ex-boyfriend because sometimes all it takes is a single date to rekindle the old flames of passion the two of you had before. While going for such a meet do not put your hopes too high instead go with a positive mindset. Think of solving your issues instead of getting back together before you solve the root cause of the problem that may have cropped up. The last thing is to get back together without fully resolving the issues that caused problems between the two of you.

Dress to impress

To win your boyfriend back you have to show him what he is really missing. Do not dress up like someone that is depressed or going through serious problems. Instead, dress up to impress. Wear an outfit that is really gorgeous and accessorize so that you look exceptional. When dressing, avoid the temptation of going for the mini skirt and low cut shirt and instead pick the outfit that he could not resist while the two of you were together. Spend time doing your hair and makeup because this will help boost your self-confidence.

Talk about the real issues

It is pointless for you to meet your ex-boyfriend and brush the real issues under the carpet in the hope that things will get better with time. The key to maturing in a relationship lies in your ability to talk about the problems and listen to each other carefully. Let your partner know what you really feel and point out the reasons why you may have decided to break up. Show a genuine desire to stay in the relationship.

Admit wrong and apologize

If you are the one that caused the problem in the first place do not be afraid of admitting the wrong and seeking forgiveness. It is important for you to realize that an apology does not always elicit forgiveness in the first instance. Instead, give your genuine apology and allow him the time to consider what you said. Forgiveness may not come instantly but it is likely to soften your boyfriend’s stance.

Avoid visiting the past

Once you have resolved issues it is a good idea to avoid bringing up the past in subsequent discussions. Once the both of you have forgiven each other avoid pointing out any past mistakes because you have already committed yourselves to be better partners. Do not try winning your ex by making him jealous because that may only end up pushing him to the corner. Hang out more with your friends rather than seeking other potential partners.

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