Maintaining A Strong Relationship Against The Odds

Love is a wonderful thing and being in a relationship with that special person gives you a great feeling. When you are together the hours just seem to fly and when you are apart, you cannot wait to get together again. This is what love does to you and this is why love can never go out of style. Unfortunately, all relationships are not made in heaven. Sometimes, that perfect relationship may hit a rough patch if any of the partners cheat on the other.

Causes of Cheating
In every relationship, one or both partners may cheat. Nobody expects his or her partner to cheat but these things do happen. Below are some reasons people cheat on their partners. At this point, we have to point out that men and women cheat for different reasons so we will look at both scenarios individually.

Reasons Men Cheat:

Contrary to what many people think, most men are not chronic womanizers. It is not true that men are always looking to cheat on their partners. The thing is that once in a long while, an opportunity might present itself and a weak man will seize the opportunity with both hands (no pun intended).

Thrill Seeking
Okay, we have to admit that some men see cheating as a form of adventure. The man who is likely to see cheating as one more adventure is usually good-looking has a great job and a wide circle of friends. Now, the man in question may be madly in love with his partner but he just cannot resist a bit of adventure.

Some men have the impression (right or wrong) that they are always under pressure at work. Some men in this category drink to cut down pressure but a small majority might have a fling to reduce pressure.

Peer Group Influence
You know the old saying about bad company corrupting good people, right? Well, it is perfectly applicable in this case. If your friends have a habit of chasing girls, chances are you will join them just to prove you belong to the crowd.

There might be other reasons but these are some of the most common reasons men cheat on their partners. As you can see from the reasons above, cheating does not always mean the relationship is over. Now, let us look at the reasons women cheat.

As you probably know, women are not configured the same way as men. For this reason, women who cheat on their men do so for different reasons. Below are some reasons why women cheat.

Emotional Connection
Many women who cheat do so because they feel they have lost that vital emotional connection to their partner. Maybe the man is too busy and is no longer as romantic as he used to be. The thing here is that the man may still love the woman in question but he takes her for granted these days. This is likely to drive the woman straight into the arms of another man that pays attention to her.

She Thinks You Have Cheated
Sometimes, a woman who cheats on her man may just be carrying out a revenge affair. Deep inside, she does not want to cheat but she thinks you have cheated on her a number of times already. Well, in the spirit of an equal opportunity relationship, she may decide to cheat on you as well.

Not Enough Sex
Let’s face it, sex is a very powerful thing and good sex is important to most women. If you can do your homework every night, (or three times a week) your lady will not have any reason to cheat on you. On the other hand, if you are not giving your woman good sex, she may be tempted to look elsewhere. There is also the fact that your woman may conclude you are neglecting her sexual needs because you are very busy giving it to another woman.

There are times a woman may give in to another man out of weakness. Maybe another man has been pursuing her relentlessly and she just could not continue to hold out any longer. Sometimes a woman might meet an irresistible man and have a one-night-stand with him. She probably loves her own man to pieces but these things do happen sometimes.

Getting Back Together
As stated already, cheating does not have to spell the end of any relationship. People make mistakes and they are supposed to learn from these mistakes. Okay, so your partner has cheated on you. The sense of hurt is deep and you are tempted to hurt the other party in return but this will not solve the problem. The right move is to keep communication lines open and resolve to stay together. Put the incident behind you and your relationship will continue to flourish.